About the site

Starting this website is one of my new year resolutions in 2019. By training, I am a geographer (graduated with a degree in Geographic Information Science). Currently, I am a data specialist/wannabe web developer. I work at a small organization so I have the opportunity (forced to) learn about the different aspect of the application development. From database design to user-interface and everything in between.

Without looking at blogs and googling for answers while at work can I do what I do. I am sure that is probably true for a lot of you out there. So here are a special thanks to everyone whoever contributes to the collective knowledge of the internet.

The purpose of this blog is to contribute what I’ve learned and hopefully, I can help someone to learn from my mistakes. I hope I can document the steps that I took (maybe even the mistakes that I make!), so if I or you need to do something similar, it’s all here!

This is going to be an on-going project to experiment with different things, so hopefully, you can follow along in this amazing never-ending journey of learning!

DISCLAIMER:  I am by no mean the expert on any of the subject I am going to write about.  I am only sharing the steps that I took to get there, what works for me and what didn't work for me.  So you might need to do some experimenting to get it working for you!