About Me

Starting this website is one of my new year resolutions in 2019. By training, I am a geographer (graduated with a degree in Geographic Information Science). Currently, I am a data specialist/wannabe web developer. I work at a relatively small organization, therefore, I have the opportunity to learn about the different aspect of the application development. From database design to user-interface and everything in between.

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I always want to make the world a better place. By studying environmental science as my undergraduate major, I hope I can make our surroundings better to live in. Since graduated from college, I worked many different jobs before arriving at my current position. Being an employment counselor, bilingual special education teacher assistant and youth program coordinator opened my eyes to the needs in our community. These experience are tremendously valuable in shaping me for the future.

I am interested in solving problems, to create a new solution and come up with new ideas. My technical skills can help me achieve that goal. With the advancement of technology and data science, we can utilize what is given to us and make sense of what’s going on around. My career goal for the future is to create technical solutions to help those who help others. This site will be a start to that long journey…